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You are the Voice of Your Story

John Uy is a Filipino-Chinese, American-born photojournalist based in California and travels to the Philippines regularly. Not deterred by his physical disability of being profoundly deaf, he dreams to travel the world and explore the hidden gems within each country.

He was always fascinated by the beauty and complexities of the human emotion and relationships across different cultures. His curiosity and desire for adventure is mirrored in his approach where he strives to capture candid moments to reveal the true soul of their humanity. It is his hope that by living with the people, he could create visual stories that inspires communities to live in an environment of peace, unity, and love.

Previously he worked for Rappler and CNN Philippines as an intern. He worked for Biola University’s student-run newspaper, The Chimes, as a staff photographer. He also volunteered to assist TACLOB, the Philippine Ballet Theatre, and freelance for Rita Neri Event Plannersfor a short term. 

John remains committed to his dream to help communities by transforming their voices into visual stories and become a catalyst for change, change where people’s fear turn to hope, hatred to love, and chaos to peace.  It is a change where people are inspired to help, create, teach, or move their society for the greater good.


Your Story


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