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You are the Voice of Your Story

Hello!  My name is John Uy and I am an Asian American photojournalist based in between Los Angeles, California and Manila, the Philippines.  Many of my destination works varies from capturing unpredictable events to staged portraits and candid documentary to cinematic aerial shots.  I love to travel our vast world and live among the people from all walk of life.  I want to experience their hidden adversity, their serene way of living, and their silent devotion to faith.  All in order to see the grand picture of tangible truth.


I am always fascinated by the beauty and complexities of human emotions across different culture.


Whether be it an outburst of contagious laughter or poignant tears of grief, it is my belief that capturing candid moments like these can truly reveal the raw soul of their humanity.


It is their dreams and their fears, their celebrations and their anger, their faith and their doubts, their life, and their passing that develops in the photos. All of these are representative of what it means to be human.


I hope you will also invite me to be a witness to your extraordinary life, no matter how ordinary you may think it is.  I will help you to let your whole being roars to the world through the power of your images.  You are the voice of your story.  You are the fire of your destiny.  Be you.

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